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Get news about seminars, articles about the OPD, new books and much, much more.

Discuss in our secret group at daily together with Lothar Hirneise about recipes, OPD for cancer sufferers, prophylactic, scientific aspects and much more.

Sources for flaxseed oil, how do I know which flaxseed oil is good, how do I use ELDI oils? Where can I get discounts? We help you to „survive“ the daily challenges and to save money!

Get news about old and new recipes, recipes ONLY for cancer patients, HOW to cook, how to make the basic recipes like Oleolux, muesli .. like Dr. Budwig did and not like Google is saying. Let us show you the practical things in the kitchen.

Videos about the OPD with Lothar Hirneise

Ask Lothar Hirneise directly and send him an E-Mail.



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